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Link-Back Syndicate Overview

Please review the terms of the program before participating.

Program Features:
  • Absolutely Free to Participate
  • Ideal for: Realtor® websites, Radio Stations, Community Newspapers, etc.
  • Automatic updates: We do the work to keep the content current and relevant
  • Readers only leave your site if they are seeking additional information (via a "link-back" to us)
  • See participant pages with program implementations here and here.

Is your site community oriented? Do you sell to or target people who live or work in your local community? How would you like to have high-quality lists of restaurants, hotels, events, nightclubs and more on your "community guide" or "area info" section? Our Link Back Syndicate program lets you do this at no cost to you. The progam provides you with simple code to place on your site that will automatically produce lists of relevant local listings. All we ask in return is that when a user is interested in more information, the listing "links back" to a corresponding page on one of our partner sites on the MetroGuide Network®.

Participating in the program is simple and carries no obligation. In most cases, all that's required for you to show the lists on your site is to place a few lines of code on a page that you want to display the content. The code automatically shows the content and will update itself as changes are made by us.

How Do I Get Started?

The first step is to fill out a quick sign up form. From there, you can identify the page, or pages, of MetroData content that you want to display on your website. Copy the JavaScript code for that content and place it onto the appropriate page or pages on your websites. With the next "refresh" of your browser, the list you have chosen will appear on your website.

Why Participate?

Maintining local lists is challenging. Businesses come and go, often without notice, so most sites that have a "community guide"-type section become dated the moment the content is posted. The Link-Back Content Syndicate lets you show your readers up to date local information without having to hire a dedicated content person. Readers stay on your site for "one more click" and don't leave unless they are truly interested in moving on.

MetroGuide.com's goal in offering this program through MetroData is to create a community of websites with the most updated local information available anywhere. By members of the community sharing content and traffic, Internet users everywhere can have a uniform and accurate experience on the Internet, no matter what site they are viewing.

Will I Be Charged Later?

Absolutely not. The Link Back Syndicate is free as long as you comply with the basic terms of the program.

Contact us at MetroGuide.com with any questions you may have.

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