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Link-Back Syndicate Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions ("F.A.Q.'s") for the Link-Back Content Syndicate. You may also wish to visit our program forum to read active questions and answers as they arise.

What's The Catch? Is it Really Free?

There are no catches or hidden fees. It's really free. People ask us why we would give away valuable content with virtually no restrictions, and the answer is simple: both parties benefit from the deal. Community sites get quality content for their site that keeps readers on their sites for "just one more click." But, when a reader desires more in-depth information, the next click takes the reader to one of our sites (i.e., the content "links back" to us). In essence, program participants get free content in exchange for sending us some degree of traffic. It's a win-win for both sides.

Can I Sell Ads Around the Content?

Absolutely. When a reader is on your site, they are your reader and you are welcome to display whatever ads and promotions around the content you wish, consistent with the program's terms. Depending on your site's mission, we in fact RECOMMEND that you place ads around the content; Google adsense is the advertising system that we officially use and have had great results.

How Much Content Can I Have?

Technically speaking, you can have all of it, as long as you have appropriate pages on your site to place the lists. Typical program participants are sites that are in a certain geographic area, such as a Realtor® site for a specific community. A successful site should try to set up a page for each content area, for example, "miami_hotels.html," "miami_restaurants.html," "miami_nightlife.html," "miami_events.html," etc.

Can I Do This Myself?

Getting the basic lists to diplay is trivially simple. If you know how to "copy and paste" text into a document, you can place the code for the link-back lists on your webpages in seconds. Should you want to get more sophisticated, the code is enabled for something called "style sheets" that allow things like the color and size of the text to be changed. You may need professional help to customize the styles beyond what your pages already use.

Can I Alter the Number of Businesses Shown on the Lists?

At the moment, the size of the lists are pre-determined and cannot be changed. The lists generally show the "top" businesses for a given category. MetroGuide's editorial processes and proprietary alorigthms determine what restaurants show up on the lists and in what order. Future versions of the program will allow more variations on the types of lists and the businesses presented.

Contact us at MetroGuide.com with any questions you may have.

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